Monday, September 26, 2011

Track and Decorate Your Own Eco-friendly Gift Bag

At Gift n’ Grow we are constantly striving to think of new and creative products to pass on to our environmentally conscious customers, and that’s when it dawned on us…why don’t we provide you with one of our 100% recycled gift bags (a blank slate, if you will) and let you create your own unique design to pass on to friends and family. This is the very thought behind our new product “Decorate Your Own Gift Bag”. This product will still contain the I.D. tag with the tracking code so you can follow the bag’s journey, but you get to use your creativity to make it your own. You can stamp it, paint it, color it, sketch it…use your imagination to design a special work of art!

This is a great idea for children’s parties; they can create their own goodie bag! What a fun and creative way to teach children about the environment and the importance of recycling…and, as always, each bag purchased helps toward planting a tree!