Monday, October 17, 2011

Creating Memories with a Gift 'n Grow Gift Box

Every year around this time I always find myself feeling nostalgic. With Christmas drawing near, I find myself thinking back on my childhood memories. Let's be honest, it is right around the corner. Halloween hasn't even passed yet, but Christmas is already being displayed in the stores. And with the cool weather coming in, I can't help but anticipate the lights, hot cocoa, and fires.

I am a firm believer of traditions and passing them along. There is a memory from my family that I hold dear to my heart and I have decided for Gift 'n Grow to pass it along to customers.

Every Christmas, and birthday, my mother would take sturdy boxes and wrap the lids and bottoms in beautiful wrapping paper. She did this with the intention of the boxes being reused and passed on. It was something my seven siblings, cousins, and I looked forward to; which box were we getting this year?!   My mother was always coming up with ways to recycle or reuse items.  These boxes became a hit with our family and I kept thinking to myself, "Why not share the idea with other families?"  This time with a modern day twist.  Each box can be logged in to the website and tracked as it is passed, creating memories as they are shared from one celebration to the next. My hope is that people will understand the amount of paper wasted each holiday and use these boxes instead. 

My mother had an eye for recycling, something that has followed me into motherhood. The memories that were passed on with these boxes were priceless and I know my mother would be proud to have her mark in the world. I hope that these boxes from Gift 'n Grow can help create lasting memories with you and your family, as they did for mine.